Antlered Game

For 35+ years, Bruce Foster Studio has mounted some of the finest bucks and antlered game taken in Maryland. My experience goes far beyond the continental US. Many taxidermists tout multiple ribbons, award winning mounts, and list those achievements on their web sites. IMO, the reward is yours, in a hand crafted piece, that sets my work apart from others. I care about you as the hunter, and not some ribbon on the wall. I know antlered game, and will continue to learn and push the limits of Maryland Taxidermy. I use no in house tan on any of my mounts. All trophy skins are sent to a garment grade tanner, and processed into “true” leather. In house tans, are really “pickling”, and are only a part of true leather tanning. Trust your hard earned trophy to the ultimate  in animal preservation, with the knowledge, skill and artistry of Bruce Foster Studio