Bird Taxidermy Mounts in Maryland

Winged Game

Bird Taxidermy Mounts in Maryland. When it comes to winged game, nothing is commercialized in any of my mounts. Every aspect of your bird is done 100% in house. Bruce Foster Studio is very selective of the birds I accept. I can only turn out a stunning mount with what I have to work with.  Unlike other taxidermists in Maryland, I turn more birds away than I accept for mounting. I hand wrap every body right from your carcass, unlike others that use hard foam bodies. All wing and leg bones are used and wired for proper articulation. Custom made heads, and plastic injected feet, are hand colored with Pan Pastels, rather than airbrush and paint.  My studio is known for unique and creative poses as well as custom displays to suit your desires. If you would like to experience taxidermy beyond commercial, with unlimited skill and imagination, than look no further than Eastern Shore taxidermist Bruce Foster Studio.