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My service page offers important and vital information for all hunters and fisherman who value and demand the best in a Maryland Taxidermist. The importance of proper field care, trophy handling and delivery are paramount, and insurer’s that your trophy is received in the best possible condition for mounting. For over three decades, my dedication to service, knowledge and skill has produced some of the finest and most creative taxidermy of Big Game, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl and Fish on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Feel free to use the information provided on this page for your benefit, and as a useful tool to research and find the answers to any questions you may have. Quick links are provided for State and Federal Agencies, and there you will find the most up to date laws and regulations, that pertain to hunters afield both continentally and internationally.  Field Care and Measurement Sheets can be printed from this page as well. Should you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact Bruce Foster Studio directly. My service page and the information provided here goes above and beyond a downloaded page from a supply company web site, that are so often seen on commercial taxidermy pages. My intention is to offer you the best information available for your trophy animal, bird or fish. Trophy preparation should be of paramount importance prior to your trip, and how your trophy is handled does and will effect the end result.  Feel free to educate yourself as well as to take those important and vital recommendations with you on, and before your trophy harvest.

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General Information

All species intended to be mounted require special attention. Improper field handling can cause many problems, and defiantly effect the return quality of you mount. The following guidelines are a general description of how to best handle your trophy for mounting, in the field, as well to properly prepare your trophy for delivery, and preservation, to your taxidermist of choice. Maryland Taxidermist Bruce Foster Studio has over three decades in guiding trophy hunters and fisherman worldwide with the best advice available on the web. 24/7, I am there to serve you, and help you from anywhere in the world. Bruce Foster Studio can help you with any Import/ Export problems, USDA clearance as well as local DNR regulations. I can give you the most up to date answers to any questions you may have. Local, state and international regulations change all the time. Feel free to use the links provided above, or call me direct for any questions you may have.