The species in this category warrant some unique preparation unlike any other game. Proper hide tanning is critical to the accurate attitude of your trophy as well  as a  long lasting trophy. Bruce Foster Studio does no in house pickling on our Cats, Bears & Swine . Every skin is sent to a garment grade tanner, that returns pure leather for the mounting process. This is a critical step when dealing with fat and grease that is always a natural part of raw skins in this category. Felines need a lot of “let out” to duplicate the natural loose skin on cats. Bears need to be tanned correctly to over come grease burn due to their fat and grease. Swine, in all species are sparsely haired  with a heavy shield, that dictates professional handling and finishing .Bruce Foster Studio offers the finest and best in hide preservation. After 30+ years, I offer you the best of the best. Take your trophy to another level, and experience the skills, and experiance of Bruce Foster Studio